Saturday, 19 April 2014

40101 to 44101 and everything inbetween.

Do I need another blog? Yeah, about as much as a fish needs a bicycle, probably one of those twattish fold-up Brompton ones that make all riders look like they’ve just escaped from the circus. As if I haven’t got enough to do with my hectic film star lifestyle than spend time writing some more appalling composed drivel that only the bewildered will read, but unfortunately my inane attraction to lists and collecting has led me to accept a new literary diary challenge which will surely only prove less attractive than any of the other blogs.

The other day I learnt through the First Great Western (FGW) Twitter feed that there were a total of 54 HST (High Speed Train) carriages. The number was later amended to 420 (the 54 coming from the number of HST “sets” (that’s a whole train to you and me)) but it still set my very simple and slightly OCD laden mind wondering whether I could possible visit and use every single carriage during my daily commute into and back out of London.

I also imagined I could maybe use this blog as a therapeutic methodology to expunge my daily frustrations with the whole experience of commuting. Now before anyone accuses me of inventing this blog just as an excuse to batter FGW around the proverbial dangly things and take them to task for their service failings, I’d like to confirm that’d you’d be absolutely correct. But I also want to use this as a general rant-platform to rail against the frustrations of commuting in general and maybe promote my fellow virtual commuters, without whom the three or so hours a day I spend on the tracks would be a non-awakening nightmare.

In order to log my carriage capture progress I have been very handily provided with a list of all FGW HST carriage numbers (turned out the grand total is 447) by none other than the FGW’s Twitter Team’s answer to Kylie Minogue, the chip fiend that is called Jess. Amazingly what Jess also agreed to was that for every 20 different carriages I visit she’ll supply a signed photo of one of the Twitter Team! As I’m sure you’ll agree, this will be a fantastic prize for those of us who are stuck on the anonymous side of FGW’s Twitter interactions without a clue of the visigogs of the persons on the other end of the keyboard. What she also mentioned was that should I completely achieve the immense task and visit all 447 carriages, FGW will lay on an all expenses paid day out for me and my extended family to ride on the foot plate of a HST, toot the horn, east as many Extress CafĂ© #baguettes as I like all to the accompaniment of FGW CEO Marky Mark Hopwood as he serenades us on the 5 string banjo. I should point out that at least one of these prize offers has been completely made up.

Anyway, pencils and tartan flasks at the ready, it’s time to go carriage spotting………

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