Friday, 9 May 2014

40117 – 17:39 Friday 9th May


Delays are the bane of any commuter but sometimes they do work in your favour as was the case when I changed trains in Reading tonight. Even after I’d taken my time snapping my previous carriage and then sauntering over the bridge I found I was still in time to leisurely board the 17:39 Bradford-on-Avon service which was running late. 

The Train Manager did explain why but apart from something about the train driver turning up late the rest of his message was missed due to the fact it sounded like he was speaking through his winter duvet. 
As the train was in reverse formation I took a stroll right down to Carriage F and had that choice to make when all the seats seem to have one single occupant and you have to choose some poor victim to give up their comfortable solitude. The poor chap I chose didn’t exactly make me unwelcome but he certainly wasn’t giving up any of his share of the armrest.

Still, a “bonus” carriage I suppose as I was expecting to be on a Turbo so happy weekend!

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