Thursday, 15 May 2014

42014 – 22:45 Wednesday 14th May


Another late night train after another late night but none the less entertaining Oranges and Lemons tour where the BGC leads unsuspecting and unwilling office workers around East End churches and more importantly, East End pubs.

The dirty details of the tour can be found on the O&Ls blog but the all I can really say about the train journey home was that it was made just about bearable by the double Upper Crust #baguettes especially as I ended up in Carriage B on the 22:45 Swansea service surrounded by a returning rugby team.

Mind you compared to the cast of the Jeremy Kyle show who were waiting for me at Reading station the rugger lads were extremely well behaved. I really won’t go into the “effing” and “jeffing” on the platform in case anyone of a sensitive disposition is reading this but it culminated with a full on bitch-slap fight on the last train to Newbury.

Ah……the joys of the commute.

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