Monday, 23 June 2014

44040 & 42259 – 06:57 & 19:15 Monday 23rd June

Remember me? The boring ninny who moans on trains? Did you think I’d given up on the Carriage Capture Quest?

We unfortunately for everyone who can read the written English word I haven’t and even though FGW seem to be treating me as persona non grata (unanswered emails anyone?) I’m continuing with the mission and after today can knock off two more carriages.

44040 was my Carriage A of choice on the way to work and 42259 (a duplicate) my Carriage C on the way home.

Alas I seem to be out of capturing practice as I failed to take a photograph of either so instead here’s a picture of a hole in the floor.

It’ll mean something to someone somewhere……..

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