Wednesday, 20 August 2014

42315, 42504 & 42118 – 18:37, 18:00 & 18:37 Tuesday 19th July & Wednesday 20th July




Nothing exciting happened yesterday, well certainly nothing to compare to Monday’s excitement, other than when the train (in a duplicate carriage) that took me to Reading set off the Train Manager’s announcement informed people that it is illegal to sell things on the train. Very strange seeing as I’ve never heard that particular warning before and coming just one day after yesterday’s on-board episode of Only Fools and Horses.

Oh, I sat in 42315, a Carriage D, on the 18:37 to Frome to get me home.

Today it was all aboard a duplicate Carriage A for this morning’s adventure into town which ended just outside Theale when FGW asked me to wait for the next two hours in a field. Apparently a freight train had broken down just outside Reading and had blocked all lines in and out of the Station.

OK, not really FGW’s fault but again we were victims of the inability of the railways to take any sort of action when something untoward happens and get us moving again. Instead we had to wait for something to shunt something else out of the way and with just the taste of Jess’s stroppy twitter reply and a free black coffee in my mouth we were back on the way before you could say 120 minutes of pain in the back side.

This evening it was aboard a very boring 18:00 Bristol Service in Carriage E, 42504 and 42118, a Carriage B on the 18:37 to Frome. This time it was a mere 12 minutes late. So 10 times better at being late than this morning.

See! And you lot think that things never improve!


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