Wednesday, 13 August 2014

60531 - 09:26 Wednesday 13th August


Wait a minute BGC! 60531 isn’t a First Great Western Carriage number!

No it isn’t, you’re right, but after a couple of dull and deadly boring updates, I can promise you that today’s missive is as wild and exciting as your most wild and exciting dreams that feature someone wild and exciting.

And that’s mainly due to the fact that not only was I taking the normal FGW work-horse into Paddington, but I was then skirting around the Circle Line to St Pancras and taking an East Midlands train to Nottingham.
Well I thought it was going to be Nottingham, turned out it was actually East Midlands Parkway but that wasn’t before I’d cast my mind back to the adverts of the 70’s and came up with the classic line from the Tunes cough sweets man.


FGW’s Grant very graciously wished me a good journey which led to a chain of tweets which I can only describe as disturbing in the levels of flirtatiousness that he then took them too. I mean, I don’t even know what this bloke looks like and there’s no way I’m travelling up to the East Midlands with some kind of minger.


Anyway the journey was completed, on time and with a seat (inside 60531 which was a Carriage B), which is all that most commuters really want anyway, so all I can say in comparison between East Midlands and First Great Western is that the toilets on the East Midlands trains are roomier, definitely space to swing a cat and give everything a good old shake, but the coat hooks are better on FGW. They do have them on East Midlands but they’re right in front of the windows, which mean you may miss seeing the picturesque dumps of Leicester and Loughborough whizz by.

My East Midlands train.

Toilet humour @EMTrains style - East Midlands Parkway Station 

The journey home was made aboard 42293 which was also a Carriage B, (and a bloody duplicate) but this time on the 18:30 to Western Super Mare. Alighting in Reading I noted with interest that the air conditioning issue which seems to affect all trains at the moment was also affecting the waiting room on Platform 7.


Ollie didn’t quite seem to get the joke but luckily Leo was on hand to pull things back to the subject of the Carriage Capture and it looks like with now a whopping 97 carriages in the bag, my photo of Grant should be guaranteed!

Oh, final note. If I saw you the full photo of the chap in the sleeping bag you’ll see that I’ve been well and truly captured myself by the young lady in the foreground. Any more lapses like this and soon my cover will be blown and there’ll be a purple waistcoated lynch mob waiting at Thatcham Station one morning.


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