Sunday, 7 September 2014

41109 11:15 Sunday 7th September


Eh? What’s this? The BGC capturing a carriage on a Sunday? And capturing a 1st class carriage at that?

No friends, your eyes do not deceive you, I did indeed manage to enter a single, solitary and rare-to-capture Carriage K into the little black book today, that being 41109 which was part of the 11:15 to Swansea.

And why was our carriage-laden hero travelling today?
Well for no other good reason than that of pleasure, as me and the good Mrs BGC decided to use up two complimentary FGW tickets before they expired and what better way to use them up, but a nice day trip out to Cardiff.

I was hoping to maybe see @fgw_cdfcentral on duty and maybe get that long promised #selfie but instead I had to make do with a wave from @SnailbeeEmma as we sailed by, which was just as nice!

The sun shone, the castle looked splendid, Bute Park was gorgeous, afternoon tea at Pettigrew’s tea rooms was superb and just to top everything off, the trains were also on time.

The only damp squib of the day was finding ourselves in the same bloody carriage on the way home meaning that this opportunity to capture two 1st class carriages didn’t quite materialise.

Still there’s always the complimentary coffee and biscuits to take your mind off things.


Oh, and just before anyone gets too jealous and starts believing that absolutely everything is rosy is those ivory towers of 1st class……. On the train too Cardiff we sat in the two single seats opposite each other and noticed that the snooty couple across from us had not only spread every single page of every single supplement of their bumper Sunday paper across the whole table but had also decided they simply weren’t exercising their occupational rights enough and had stowed their bags not in the racks above their own heads, but above our heads instead. On the train back home, although we weren’t in a quiet carriage, some telephone dickprick decided that having a normal call wouldn’t be fair on us all to only have to listen to one half of the conversation so kindly put his phone on loudspeaker so we got to hear the person on the other end as well. Just goes to show that not even money can allow you to escape from the train-tosspots.

Hurrah! Tomorrow’s Monday!

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