Tuesday, 16 September 2014

42075 & 44101 – 18:03 & 18:37 Tuesday 16th September

42075 & 44101

So there I was thinking that this was going to be another boring old mundane train journey home because although I’d successfully captured two new carriages, namely 42075 (Carriage D on the 18:03 Penzance) and 44101 (Carriage A on the 18:37 Frome) nothing worthy of reporting happened on the actual journeys.

What did happen though is that several hundred First Great Western passengers were inconvenienced by a mad marauding pidgeon tonight. @recklessrik ‘s tweets confirm this.

My suspicions have fallen on @PigeonJon who is well worthy of a follow if you want funny tweets from a pigeon.

And what also happened was then when filling out my Carriage Capture filing system I noted that, unless I’m very much mistaken and hopefully Grant or Ollie will put me right if I am, that Carriage 44101 has the highest number of all HST Carriages, making him the envy of all the other carriages no doubt.

Well I thought it was interesting…….

……you don’t have to read this you know!

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