Monday, 29 September 2014

44093 & 42208 – 18:05 Friday 25th September & 18:30 Monday 29th September

44093 & 42208

Apologies to all those who have been waiting all weekend, with a great gnashing of the teeth at the lack of update for Friday. But let me go some ways to make amends by presenting no only another Carriage A photo, but a Carriage A photo that features none other than everyone’s favourite lightbulb changer and train nerd, Sam Sammington, or @slowpokesam to his friends.

Sam needed no encouragement to pose like a gone to seed page three girl in front of 44093 which was the Carriage A on the 18:05 Frome service. If anyone would like more photos of Sam, please contact me at the usual address.

Anyway, I can’t remember whose idea it was, but the two of us spent a very pleasurable Friday evening in the town of Hungerford getting the first scans on this year’s @caskmarque Cask Ale Week trail. There’s a free T-Shirt riding on this so it’s all systems go if we both want to avoid another arrest for indecent exposure.

Remember both Samuel and I encourage decidedly reckless drinking at every opportunity.

Alas Monday was much more mundane with the single capture of a Carriage F, 42208, on the 18:30 Weston-Super-Mare service.

Still a capture is a capture, and so is a Cask Marque scan which I bagged at the Bayswater Arms before legging it round to Paddington.


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