Monday, 26 January 2015

42348 – 18:37 Monday 26th January


Another week and another Carriage Capture, although only a single this time on the 18:37 to Frome where Carriage C, 42348 allowed me to sit in relative comfort even though a whole host of bag sitters and sideways long leg sitters were trying their hardest to block all the spare seats.

Still no-one has yet reminded me with the magic words of “Leopard Print” or “French Nails” so that story is going to have to wait.

In the meantime amuse yourselves with these pictures of 150001 who we welcome back to Reading tonight and this bloke who obviously didn’t think through the colour of his footwear when he bought his Brompton.

Queen of the 150's

King of the Dipshits

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