Thursday, 22 January 2015

44036, 42206 & 42361 – 06:57, 18:03 & 18:37 Thursday 22th January

44036, 42206 & 42361

What’s this BGC, 4 carriages tonight?

Well, no, sadly only 3 but I did visit it 4 carriages in total, but alas 42129 was a duplicate although by my records it had changed from a Carriage E to a Carriage D since the last time I sat in it back in October.

But enough about that sort of boring stuff, let’s get down to the meat and 2 veg of today’s Carriage Capture.

Firstly there was 44036 on the morning train and it was a joy to capture a morning Carriage A and find it was one for the few A’s that I still haven’t got. There was a reason for capturing this one but I can’t go into details today. That said, lest I forget, one of my faithful readers needs to whisper the words “leopard print” & “French nails” and that will jog my memory to let rip with this particular episode.

This evening I first boarded the previously mentioned 42129 which was due off to Bristol but with 2 minutes to departure time the TM announced a train fault which led to me and several hundreds of my fellow travellers scampering across from Platform 2 to Platform 3 to board the Penzance service. Alas this last minute swap-a-roo left me without a seat and stood in the vestibule of 42206.

It was her rucksack as well.

Also stood with me was the owner of this fold up bike, it wasn’t even a proper Brompton, who not only dumped her monstrosity of right in the centre of the door into Carriage C but then proceeded to have a length, loud and quite profane conversation with someone on the end of a phone about how her bike had got damaged in the car park today.

Well to be honest love, taking into account the amount of consideration you showed the rest of us tonight, I’m actually quite joyful your shambolic effort of a cycle got knackered. Hope you had to push it all the way home.

The 18:37 to Frome saw me in Carriage B, 42361.

Remember – Leopard Print and French Nails.

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