Monday, 2 February 2015

44086, 42167 & 42021 – 07:15, 18:03 & 18:37 Monday 2nd February

44086, 42167 & 42021

A three carriage capture today and an insight into what goes on aboard the slightly later than my regular morning train.

A sleepless night, even more disturbed by the annual running of the World Handegg championships saw me awaken slightly later than normal and only make it to the station in time for the 07:15 instead of the 06:57.

But every cloud has its silver lining and it allowed me to capture 44086, Carriage A on this particular service.

As I was settling down on a rather uncomfortable table seat, I noticed a Thatcham regular about to take a spare seat towards to the back of the carriage. Just as she was sitting down, the chap in the window seat leapt up, quite loudly announced “I’m not sitting by you!”, picked up his suitcase and flounced to another spare seat further down the carriage.

Which just goes to show that there’s a much lower class of commuter aboard this service than my usual one.

The evening’s journeys home were aboard 42167, the Carriage F on the 18:03 Penzance service and 42021, the Carriage C on the 18:37 to Frome.

And the lesson today was, don’t tweet pictures of strangers to other strangers as the tweet might be seen by other strangers who are known a bit to the second stranger and they might call the original tweeter (a complete stranger) intolerant. Or, on the other hand, carry on regardless.

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