Monday, 8 December 2014

40221 – 17:45 Monday 8th December


Eh? What’s that BGC, that don’t look like a normal door number?

And you’d be right, sort of. It’s the number from one of those nailed shut doors in the buffet carriage, and on this occasion, one of the ½ 1st Class – ½ Buffet carriages which just have to have sprung from the imagination of a sadistic mad-man.

Regular readers of this column, (Yes, you. Talking to you.) will know this isn’t my usual haunt so by now will be suspecting something untoward has happened on today’s journey. And again, you’d be absolutely correct in that today was another one of those travelling fiascoes that reduce dedicated commuters to tears and made FGW shrug and call it a “void day”.

Far too boring to go into the details of what went and what was going wrong but suffice it to say that the evening journey home saw me with my beautiful face squished up against the door in the picture as several hundred other commuters tried to purchase over-priced tea and coffee from the buffet bar behind me.

On the plus side this saw me take a good snap of 40221 on the 17:45 to Swansea, but on the down side I didn’t notice if this was a Carriage F, or one that’s been rebadged into a M or a K or something…..Ho Hum.

Still I’ll finish on a high note and tell you that BGC here, him with the squished but still beautiful face, went into full-on knight on white charger mode when he redirected a fair maiden from getting on the 19:12 Reading-to-Newbury and told her to instead get the 19:03 which would see her into Newbury much quicker. I’d have redirected her to ask one of the many Reading Station Staff but alas they were all busy warming themselves round the infra-red warming lamps by the barriers. Even that wasn’t putting a smile on their collective sour, miserable, unwelcoming, glum, hang-dog faces.

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