Wednesday, 10 December 2014

40739 & 42508 – 18:03 & 18:37 Wednesday 10th December

40739 & 42508

Tonight’s journey home saw me having a brilliant idea to ensure that I get some new carriages to capture as several of my recent excursions have only resulted in duplicates.

On Monday, if you remember, I had to ensure the squash from Paddington to Reading in the standing area of the ½ 1st – ½ buffet carriage, resulting in sore feet but at least another number in the book.
Well if I can repeat this feat then I’d at least manage to knock of several other carriages of this type.

So the 18:03 to Penzance saw me standing by the nailed shut door in 40739 Carriage K being buffeted (buffeted….geddit?) by several other weary commuters trying to salve the wounds of a working day with a can of Stella and a packet of dry roasted nuts.

Alas the 18:37 Frome service doesn’t have a ½ 1st – ½ buffet carriage, but Carriage E saw me standing (and letting rip with some amazing farts) in 42508 which was another new one for the book.

So all in all, a successful capture and some very sore feet. The things I do for this blog!

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