Sunday, 16 November 2014

42273 & 42276 – 09:07 & 19:13 Saturday 15th November

42273 & 42276

What’s this? The BGC out and about on a Saturday?

Well, to be frank, yes I was and not just me. I was joined on this weekend jaunt by a veritable rag tag bunch of reprobates who all have a tenuous connection to the West Berkshire branch of the Campaign for Real Ale - @WBCAMRA.

I have no doubt the trip will be covered in much more detail by everyone’s favourite train nerd, @SlowpokeSam in his superb Beer Branches blog, but you could probably sum it up in the succinct way the FGW Train Manager did when he checked our tickets on the way to Westbury.

“Off to Bath for the rugby then?”


“Ah, drinking then?”

42773 – Carriage B on the 09:07 to Westbury

42276 – Carriage F on the 19:13 to Newbury

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