Monday, 30 June 2014

42382, 42073 & 42233 – 07:15, 18:00 & 18:37 Monday 30th June


42073 & 42233

It’s a sorry state of commuting affairs when the first thing you do upon waking to the dulcet sounds of the alarm clock is to check your train time phone app to see if your train is currently running on time. Well although it’s a pretty sorry thing to do, but today it worked out quite a fortuitous thing to do as my usual 06:57 was damn well cancelled (due to staff shortages…..poor FGW, poor) but knowing this fact so early allowed me to skip shaving and still get down to the station for an earlier stupid Turbo train to Reading.
From there I able to get some train or other that I’ve never been on before, including carriage 42382 which was Carriage B on this particular set. 

The return leg was seriously disrupted by an earlier fatality at Southall and all trains out of Paddington were delayed, cancelled or in a right old mucky state due to the returning Glastonbury hordes.

At least the 18:00 Bristol train left on time with me in a cosy window seat in Carriage D, or 42073 as he sometimes prefers to be known as. A completely unremarkable journey apart from when we drew into Reading. There was a young lad in the carriage, maybe about 13, travelling with his mum and he was doing than nervous anxiety thing especially as he had to sit apart from her. As me and my travelling partner got up to leave he saw his chance to grab the double seat for his mum and himself but in his enthusiasm to get there quickly he blocked me in. Instead of graciously asking him if I could get by first, I instead snapped out a stroppy “do you wanna let me off first?” which had him cowering into an apology and by the time I got to the door I felt like a complete heel. 

Bloody commuting, turning me into exactly the sort of dick I detest!

The last leg was completed aboard the usual Frome service and another Carriage E ticked off the list as 42233 was captured in the book and I can go home and feel even worse about myself.

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