Friday, 16 January 2015

42577 – 18:00 Friday 16th January


Well let’s finish the week with a bit of a story and for those who have the joy of following me on Twitter (other Twitter’ers are available) it’s not about Reading MP Alok Sharma (@AlokSharma_RDG) having a slap up tea and bun festival with First Great Western and announcing it as a major breakthrough in better conditions for commuters.

What it is about is the seeming inability for women to put any sort of filter on what’s coming out of their mouths when they are blathering into the phone in public.

As I sat down in Carriage E on the 18:00 to Bristol Temple Meads (42577) I was soon accosted by the women next to me as she rang up her other half and proceeded to announce the results of her blood tests in relation to her ongoing fertility treatment.

This was then followed by another woman from the other side of the carriage answering a call from her mother and proceeding to announce to the carriage in how much pain she was currently in and what medication she’d taken that day which wasn’t having any effect on her symptoms.

As we pulled into Reading my seating partner (remember, the one who can’t get up the spout) was one of the most politest people ever, seeing without prompting I was preparing to disembark and leaving my way free with a kind word and a smile. I was almost tempted to add a “hope you get
pregnant!” to my thanks.

The train home was an unfortunately duplicate but it did feature a crazy mentalist who decided to put on a dance show in the space where wheelchairs usually go.


If it wasn’t for the fact he looked like he could stab me at any moment it might have been quite entertaining!

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