Thursday, 17 July 2014

40107 18:30 Wednesday 16th July


Today (17th of July) the Queen is visiting the all new, all singing and dancing, all made of cheap wriggly tin leaky roof, Reading Station.

She is arriving by car which isn’t at all a subliminal message on the state of the trains.

I would love to be in the crowds, being kettled by some scruffy bunch of G4S security baboons, but in a strange quirk of last minute business affairs I will instead be winging my way to Zurich, where they don’t have a queen.

Anyway, I hope she enjoys her visit and that all the escalators are working, after all Phil is knocking on a bit now isn’t he.

Last night I travelled on 40107 which was Carriage F on the 18:30 to Weston Super Mare.

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