Tuesday, 22 July 2014

42252 18:03 Tuesday 22nd July


Remember yesterday? When I gambled on the “first train to Reading” and it so nearly ended in disaster? Well surely the same thing couldn’t happen twice could it?

Arriving at Paddington at the same time as yesterday I noticed that the 18:00 Bristol service was already cancelled (are you reading FGW?) so this left me the choice of whether to gamble again on the 18:03 to Penzance or wait for the 18:05 Frome service and go straight through to my home station.

As I say, it surely couldn’t help twice could it?

Well for a moment I thought it could well do as we left late again (are you reading FGW?) and what with the overspill from the cancelled 18:00 getting aboard this one it was a right old crowded, sitting in the aisles, non-working air con mess of a train in particular 42252 which was the Carriage E where I was positioned. (Are you reading FGW?)

All was fine as we steamed towards Reading especially as I knew we were definitely ahead of the 18:05, but exactly how much ahead wasn’t clear until I disembarked and gathered from fellow tweeting travellers that the 18:05 had broken down just outside Acton. (Are you reading FGW?)

There was no way I could have got this info from the station staff at Reading as the bloke on the announcements had obviously decided to do his shift wearing a snorkel parka and a balaclava helmet (are you reading FGW?) and for all I knew he could have been reading out his shopping list.

Anyway by the time the clock had completed its long drawn out journey to 19:12 I could at least take the Turbo to Thatcham and arrive home just over ½ hour late (are you reading FGW?) but pity the poor people trapped aboard the 18:05 who still weren’t moving by the time I left. (Are you reading FGW?)

When I arrived at Thatcham I was greeted by the automated station voice who in her own stylish non-apologetic way sais – “we’re sorry to announce the Frome service is delayed by 72 minutes.” – 72 MINUTES! (ARE YOU READING FGW?)

I only hope all the passengers aboard were given the free drink FGW are obliged to serve for all delays over an hour.

Oh, remember I started collecting Ambassadors? Well guess who was on Reading station with nothing to do (no trains you see – are you reading FGW?) none other than our old friend Luke and this time accompanied by a sturdy looking fella called Grahame. As I say both looked slightly at loose ends and what with all traffic between Reading and Paddington having to tiptoe around the stranded 18:05 they’d have done better putting the kettle on for the next hour.

Never mind – It’s jam tomorrow!

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