Wednesday, 2 July 2014

42200 & 42115 – 18:00 & 18:37 Wednesday 2nd July

42200 & 42115

My action photo tactic didn’t work so well today, as I disembarked from the morning train. Not a massive issue as the carriage was a duplicate, but it was 44040 which was the one I’d failed to photo the other day so a quick snap would have come in rather handy.

No such problems snapping 42200 which was Carriage C on my train to Reading and subsequently 42115 which was Carriage D on my train to Thatcham.

Did anything happen on either journey?

Well there was a cyclist who apart from stinking of the mandatory stale sweat stench they all reek of just made a huge show of everything he did. Helmet off – CLIP, LIFT, SWING AROUND THE HEAD, PACK AWAY IN BAG. Kindle out – BAG OPEN, RAISE, TURN ON, COUGH, READ. May I get out – OF COURSE YOU CAN, STAND, PUT AWAY TABLE, STAND ASIDE, THANK YOU!

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