Wednesday, 23 July 2014

40755 & 42145 – 18:05 Wednesday 23rd July

40755 & 42145

Are you reading this FGW? Well yes they were and at least Ollie, ever the gentleman, seemed to recognise the debacle of yesterday’s journey.

This morning was another duplicate, even though I risked the wrath of a gazillion and seven disembarking passengers and managed to get an action shot as I stumbled out of the door.

This evening though was another roister-doister of an exciting evening as when I arrived at Paddington, thinking I would be too late for the 18:05 Frome Service, I was delighted to see it still stuck at Platform 10 as if waiting for my grand entrance.

I made a less than grand entrance into the 1st class carriages and found myself amongst the cast of the Uruk-hai as we all struggled for space in the vestibules. Seeing that it was pointless in trying to get a seat, I settled for the next best thing, a standing position in Carriage K which meant that my second 1st class carriage, 40755 went into the book.

I have to say that the Train Manager was doing a sterling job is carrying stacks and stacks of bottled water around, giving them out to the sweltering orc hordes. I tried to catch her name badge so I can give her full credit in the blog but could only make the end of the name, so it was either Jenny, or Benny, or even Lenny…….?

Once we’d let off most of the goblins at Twyford I made my way into Carriage B, 42145 and slumped into a free space for the rest of the journey. It was here when the TM made the announcement when we left Reading that it turned out her name was Denny.

So Denny, many many thanks for the water and just make sure you don’t wash your red undies with your FGW white blouse next time. The pinkish tinge quite suited you though.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether there was another debacle tonight, all I know is that when we left Paddington (10 minutes late) Platforms 4 & 5 were both suffering signal problems......Are you reading.....oh never mind......

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