Thursday, 3 July 2014

41108 & 42095 – 07:30 & 18:37 Thursday 3rd July

41108 & 42095

Another first for the Carriage Capture today and all down to a cancelled train.

I mentioned the other day that the first thing I do in the morning is check my train times app on the phone and make sure my usual morning transportation is running. This morning all seemed to be well and it was until I actually got to the station and discovered that a signalling issue somewhere west of Newbury meant that my train had just been cancelled.

The stupid Turbo that took us all to Reading wasn’t as rammed as I’d feared and it reached the station precisely on time to meet the 07:30 coming from somewhere and going to Paddington. This one was rammed but I wasn't too dismayed as I found myself in the vestibule of a First Class Carriage, in this case 41108 Carriage L, and felt this was a perfect opportunity to get my first 1st carriage on the board.

The return journey wasn’t so exciting with a duplicate carriage to Reading and 42095 to Thatcham which was a comfortable if unremarkable Carriage D.

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