Thursday, 24 April 2014

42081 – 18:37 Wednesday 23nd April


Well it all kicked off as I waited for the Frome service on Platform 7 at Reading.

The tweets were flowing in, the platform boards were flashing around, the best website in the world was updating faster than the speed of html and the message that was being received was that there was a signalling problem at Hayes!

After I’d picked myself up from the floor and sent the obligatory sarcastic tweet to FGW it turned out that services didn't seem to be affected at all and certainly trains were running out of London quite normally.

This was very good news not least because I wouldn’t be late for the West Berkshire CAMRA Community Pub of the Year presentation for 2014. So it’s congratulations to the Tally Ho! of Hungerford Newtown and congratulations to Carriage 42081, the first Carriage C of the Carriage Capture.

Now try drinking 3 pints of ale on a school night and say that 10 times.

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