Tuesday, 22 April 2014

42283 – 18:37 Tuesday 22nd April

After a short stand on Platform 7 – new benches have been installed but no-one is allowed to sit down yet – and watching some geezer do an Ivor the Engine impression with an e-Cigarette, I boarded the “Prince Michael of Kent” who was personally pulling the Frome service this evening. Good on you Mike but you were still 5 minutes late into Thatcham.

Carriage B was nice and empty and I didn’t have to employ any dirty seat grabbing tactics to secure a double berth for the short journey.

Nothing else happened on this journey. Sorry, I can’t even make something up……………have some extra photos instead.
<Gandalf> You Shall Not Sit! </Gandalf>

  Prince Michael of Kent taking a breather at Thatcham. I bet the real one has never done that.

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