Friday, 25 April 2014

42308 – 18:00 Friday 25rd April


Right, I’ll admit it. I was completely, utterly, totally and 100% wrong in one of my last posts. I unreservedly apologise to anyone and everyone, anywhere and everywhere, alive or dead and will never make another generalisation again……(yeah right!)

As I jauntily bounced into Paddington tonight I realised that I’d not yet got a Carriage D for the Carriage Capture. Noting that the 18:00 Bristol Temple Meads service had just been called, some 10 minutes before departure, I therefore thought the chances of me getting a seat in this popular carriage were pretty good. And they were, after a quick snap of 42308 I slotted into a window seat and made myself comfortable, by immediately turning off the VOLO entertainment system.

Still, any chance of peace and quiet was firstly dashed by the bloke speaking to his child about their dinner time, “And what did you have for dinner? Oooh, chicken nuggets, how lovely. Yum Yum.” I mean he could have been speaking to his wife I guess but FFS mate, have a bit of dignity in public can’t you? 

And then some business woman kicked off, ordering her underlings around at gone six in the evening. But by far the worse was the effeminate chap who firstly had a long and extremely tedious conversation with his mother about pizza, “Well, how many are we? I reckon 3 or 4 then? Well I don’t care (yes you do else you wouldn't be rabbiting on about it) but make sure I get a chicken fajita one. Well I don’t mind (yes you do, because you’re making sure the whole carriage knows) but I’ll be there at 7 so get them to deliver at ¼ past……blah blah blah” but as soon as he was done, he then phoned his girlfriend and went through the exact same conversation, “well I’ve told mum to get pizza, well I don’t mind as long as I get chicken fajita……..”

And then just when you thought he was finally going to shut up, the girlfriend rang back as she needed directions to the station to pick Little Lord Fauntleroy up. Our hero then proceeded to give a blow by blow set of instructions that would have put Google Maps to shame.

By the time I got to Reading my ears were bleeding and I had vowed never to enter Carriage D for a long long time. Luckily the very amusing @FGWruinlives posted the funniest thing I've seen in ages and cheered me up no end.

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