Wednesday, 23 April 2014

44022 – 06:57 Wednesday 23rd April


First Great Western isn’t giving me much material to work with here. For at least the past 2-3 weeks all my trains have been running on time (give or take the odd minute or two) and I haven’t experienced a dreaded cancellation for quite a while.

Even my travelling companions are behaving themselves, well as much as a carriage full of shaved chimps can do anyway. Today’s victim kept himself to himself and apart from the tinny hiss of his headphones he slept the whole way into London, the only noise being a surprised grunt when he was woken for a ticket check.
The only other disturbance was someone kicking off when they were kicked off (see what I did there?) at Reading after they’d got caught using an off-peak ticket. “But it was the one they sold me at the office mate” wailed the unfortunate fare dodger, although he soon ditched the blame-it-on-the-ticket-office routine and settled instead for the tried and tested effing-and-jeffing-swearing-his-head off methodology.

This punctual commuting is all very well, but it’s not very amusing. I had to relieve the boredom this morning with this pithy comment on the state of Thatcham Station from @3rdRateWestern

It must have been my new aftershave. HA!

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