Monday, 28 April 2014

42291 – 17:49 Monday 28th April


It was a slow old start to the week in terms of the Carriage Capture. My morning train, from which I just cannot deviate from my regular Carriage A turned out to be the very first duplicate of the project. 44097 was already in the bag from last Wednesday so I had to wait until this evening to get my first victim of the day.

The 17:49 Worcester Shrub Hill service fitted the bill nicely and my timely arrival at Paddington gave me more than enough time to secure a comfortable window seat in Carriage D, which also went by the name of 42291.

Just before we left I noted the train pulling into Platform 10, guessing that this would form the Frome service which I would be picking up at Reading. It was being pushed by Sir Peter Parker, someone my dad never forgave for subjecting our family to an appalling railway journey from Coventry to Kidwelly. But that’s another story. Still, Sir Peter’s Wikipedia article has a very nice section on the train that is named in his honour.

But more interesting that Sir Peter Parker was noting that Carriage A on this train was none other than 44097 again. What are the chances of that happening? (Actually probably both calculable and predictable, but c’mon, I’m being sad enough already doing this aren't I?)

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