Friday, 9 May 2014

42096 – 17:15 Friday 9th May


Early arrival at Paddington should have meant the opportunity to get a non-regular train, and it did, but unfortunately that didn’t mean I got a non-regular carriage as no sooner had to plonked myself down in a lovely spare double seat in Carriage B on the 17:15 Carmarthen Service than I realised I’d already been in this one before.

So with a slight huff and puff I gathered up my belongings and thought a quick scamper down into Carriage C would see me with a new berth and a new carriage. Alas FGW foiled my plans by ensuring all the seats were reserved seats in this carriage meaning my stumble down the carriages had to continue onward to Carriage D.

It was here I did manage to find a place aboard 42096 but not before I had to ask the window sitter to move their bag. In fact there seemed there was a disproportionate amount of seat-bag-hoggers in operation today. Now I’ve already had a rant at the aisle sitters but even worse than these wastes of skin are the seat-bag-hoggers who are quite despicable and possibly the lowest creation on this fair earth. Perhaps my tweet explaining all this wasn’t so pithy but you get the point.

The bright spot in this cloudy sky was spotting that the carriage number is also shown on the side of the air con unit in the carriage. Quite why this excited me as much as it did it probably an unhealthy sign but at least it’s another option when trying not too look too much like a sad spotter when taking the photos. (Emphasis on the “trying”.)

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