Saturday, 17 May 2014

Bonus Post - Ooooh Mr BGC, you're really spoiling us

Quick bonus post here because although I was aboard the 21:15 Swansea Service, which was my faithful stead home on Friday, I ended up in Carriage B, 42283, which it turns out I'd been in before. So alas no further captures for the project.

But it was an interesting journey, one because the carriage was full of livestock!


Firstly we had this selfish cow who thought that her collection of bags much more worthy than anyone who had actually paid for the ticket. Why FGW never address this issue I really don't know, the Train Manager who checked this woman's ticket didn't mention a dicky bird.

And secondly we had this little fella, who was much better behaved that the gaggle of women, all strangers to one another, who shared one of the tables and felt they were comfortable in each other's company enough to spill everything from hysterectomies to bra sizes.

But the really interesting bit comes about an hour later when another one of my virtual travelling companions twitted this post.

Turns out that @SnailbeeEmma had joined this very same train, in the very same carriage and spotted the very same dog a bit later down the line in Swindon. I like to think I warmed the seat up for her, we care about each other in that way. I wonder if the seat-hoggy woman still had her bags on the seat?

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